OPL offer


Longer distances, lower costs

Solution for: clients who look for reliable, safe, and timely deliveries, and at the same time are interested in cutting the costs

Our advantage: thanks to extensive network of partners representing renown sea transport lines we guarantee top quality of the offered services and full flexibility, irrespective of the type of the transported goods!

Your benefits:


Benefit from the knowledge of specialists who offer professional consultancy at each stage into the transport. No doubts or unclear issues.


Use the potential of our modern fleet. No complications or losses.


Our logistics specialists have accumulated years of experience in managing containers and optimizing the routes, which translates to the best prices for our Customers. No extra expenses.


You order and we ensure the planning, organization, monitoring, and up-to-date information on the progress of sea transport orders. No need to engage extra logistics operators.


Effective and fast deliveries

Solution for: consignors who look for instant delivery, without any compromises.   

Our advantage: we have built a global network of agents and partner airlines, which optimizes the administrative procedures and opens access to air routes and logistics points all over the world!

Your benefits:


We know precisely what to focus on when performing individual orders, limiting the risk of error or costly delays to the minimum


We serve all types of freight, also those which require special needs or procedures.


We take care of every single element of the transport process, including instant booking of the consignment, preparation of the necessary documents, and on-going monitoring of the consignment, accompanied by regular messages informing about the progress into the air transport.


Meet the team of air logistics experts who will take you through the entire process and align the solutions to the specificity of your cargo.


Longer distances, benefits to the environment

Solution for: anyone who needs to transport sizeable cargo over long distances, while reducing the costs and risk of unforeseen incidents.

Our advantage: we keep in touch with international rail transport carriers and customs agencies, which makes it possible for us to align the logistics solutions to the requirements of our commercial partners.

Your benefits:


Our team of experienced logistics specialists analyses the planned transport, identifies the best routes, prepares the required customs documentation and permits so as to guarantee full compliance with international regulations.


Cooperation with experts makes it possible to maintain absolute security while minimizing potential delays.


The experience of our specialists makes it possible to save time and deliver the goods promptly.


We serve any type of cargo and follow any required route.


Flexibility and optimality

Solution for: companies who seek for versatile but fully safe delivery solutions.

Our advantage: we cooperate exclusively with qualified and experienced drivers, which translates to the safety of each order we take and its timely execution.

Your benefits:


Road transport requires full synchronization between the driver and the logistics specialist, thanks to which the delivery is effected using the best routes and without unnecessary unexpected incidents.


We align the means of transport to cargo specificity, and guarantee its protection irrespective of the shape, size, or category.


Our logistic experts always remain in touch, thanks to which you can follow the progress of your consignment.


We enable constant supervision of the freight, which ensures security and makes it possible to respond swiftly to the needs of our Customers or modify the transport routes, as necessary.


Safety and multifunctionality

Solution for: Customers who look for safe and modern ways to warehouse their goods.

Our advantage: we ensure state-of-the-art technologies, experienced personnel, advanced monitoring system, and full temperature control.

Your benefits:


Our warehouses are suitable to store any kind of goods in excellent storage conditions.


We offer both short and long term warehousing arrangements.

Modern solutions

Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions, including advanced monitoring systems and temperature control


We ensure meticulous acceptance of the goods for warehousing, and clear labelling and systematisation of cargo which facilitates identification and ensures swift access and instant dispatching of the goods.

LCL department, general cargo services

Cost-effectiveness and optimisation

Solution for: Customers who operate in smaller cargo units.

Our advantage: thanks to our extensive network of logistics partners and modern technological tools we are able to optimally consolidate the consignment which reduces the costs and increases safety.

Your benefits:


The designed solutions make enables us to manage smaller quantities of goods from different consignors in a single container in a cost-effective way without affecting the quality of customer service, compromising the safety of the cargo, or timeliness.


We trace the cargo throughout the process, providing our Customers with prompt and clear information.


We use the entire space of the container and thus minimize the expenses of our contract partners.


Thanks to the extensive network of partners we are able to deliver the goods to any place in the world.

The service of customs agency and customs clearance

Professionalism and reliability

Solution: perfect for those who look for experienced specialists in the area of customs and taxes.

Our advantage: our team of qualified experts draw from their up-to-date knowledge of customs procedures, any international regulations, and the necessary documents.

Your benefits:


The qualifications and regularly expanded knowledge guarantee full compliance with the most recent versions of all legal provisions and regulations.


We cooperate with best customs and tax agencies, ensuring prompt service of documents and customs procedures.


Our Customers gain access to knowledge in the areas of: customs classification of goods, setting customs rates, identifying exemptions and commercial preferences.


We deal with effective preparation and disposition of customs and tax documentation, manage the customs clearance process, supervise all stages of the procedure so that our Customers can focus on what is most important: their own business.