About us



Ocean Professional Logistics combines experience built in the logistics sector since 2010 with qualified specialists, immense passion, and ambition.  Hundreds of completed orders have allowed us to develop our own proprietary work system based on three fundamentals:


Indeed, it is thanks to maximizing the benefits gained by our customers and minimizing the costs and order completion time that we have become a leader in global logistics solutions. What does it mean in practice?

We deliver our services using any means of transport, adjusting the transport method to the specificity, procedures, and requirements of the freight, thanks to which the transport is safe and prompt.

We are one of those few who offer comprehensive service, including efficient transloading, customs clearance, and even full consultancy service offered by certified customs agents. Our Customers can focus exclusively on running their core business without the need to engage extra specialists.


We perfectly understand that there is no place for compromise in the world of logistics operations. Every single order is treated individually, with its completion aligned to the personal needs and requirements of the consignors.

Our team includes qualified logistics specialists who use their experience, familiarity with procedures and regulations, and extensive network of business relations to ensure full effectiveness of routes, means of transport, and most of all guarantee the best rates.

Regularly raising our competencies, we are able to guarantee that the performed orders comply with the applicable law, thus preventing costly standstills or mishaps which can happen to inexperienced logistics operators.

We cooperate exclusively with trusted logistics partners and use state-of-the-art transport stock, which makes us a strong link in the global transport chain, irrespective of the destination.

Our partner relations approach opens access to priceless knowledge base, and our specialists offer professional consultancy services at each stage of order completion, covering such aspects as individual procedures, the required documentation, export restrictions, or even locally binding restrictions.

Thorough interview conducted before our cooperation starts will guarantee that every cargo item will be transported safely, effectively, and efficiently!


We build our image on trust. The certainty we place in strong business partner relations is a way to gain true competitive edge.

Thanks to the regularly provided and accurate feedback on transport stages, our Customers can focus on their day-to-day development and expansion of their business.

We guarantee tested solutions in transport, warehousing of the goods and their distribution, enabling our Customers to effectively overcome the challenges of the TSL sector!

Who benefits from our experience?

  1. Are you a manufacturer, importer, or exporter?
  2. Are you still in the phase of developing your business, or do you manage a robust enterprise?
  3. Are you looking for comprehensive solutions and excellent customer service?

If the answers to the above questions are positive, OPL can become a true added value to your business.  Here is the proof:

1. Are you a manufacturer, importer, or exporter?

Ocean Professional Logistics offers state-of-the art tools which improve effectiveness of the delivery chain at all levels. Thanks to the extensive network of partners we successfully serve all industry types, irrespective of the category of the goods.

We enable service at both the international, and local levels, and offer optimized solutions of not only air, rail, and sea transport services, but also road transport service. Moreover, our excellent knowledge of customs procedures and international regulations translates to efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

2. Are you still in the phase of developing your business, or do you manage a robust enterprise?

Cooperation with Ocean Professional Logistics helps inexperienced entrepreneurs to avoid very serious and costly consequences of customs-related errors. Our team provides personalized logistics methods, paying special attention to the statutory correctness of individual operations. The money saved in this way can be injected to further development of the young business.

Experienced entrepreneurs gain access to up-do-date and reliable customs-related knowledge and our highly universal range of tools. We are responsible for performing international deliveries, even of most atypical or non-standard types of freight!

3. Are you looking for comprehensive solutions and excellent customer service?

Placement of a transport order – this is the moment when involvement of our Customers ends! We offer general consultancy, transloading, customs clearance, and on-going monitoring of the transport. You receive regular reports on the progress into the performed task at its every stage. OPL is your delivery chain at a single spot!

Experienced entrepreneurs gain access to up-do-date and reliable customs-related knowledge and our highly universal range of tools. We are responsible for performing international deliveries, even of most atypical or non-standard types of freight!


To define the applicable Values is a particularly important task of every company, particularly one which operates in the logistics sector.  This is because the multitude of obligations, tasks, and functions can prove tricky and lead to ongoing but unnoticeable deterioration of standards.  How to prevent it?

Be it national or international route, road transport, sea transport or air transport – irrespective of the processed order the team of Ocean Professional Logistics follows its own compass, which shows it never-failing directions:


Relations with our Customers are based on full transparency, free communication and integrity of actions taken on the way to common success.


Logistics operations require full trust between the partners, which comes as an immense advantage in the world of today’s business.


Our entire team is appropriately qualified and experienced, and the completed customs procedures are based on our tested and up-to-date knowledge.


Our deliveries are timely, safe, and comply with the applicable restrictions.


We use state-of-the-art technologies, fleet, and systems guaranteeing full optimisation and cost-effectiveness of the logistics solutions.


At Ocean Professional Logistics, we believe that it is the individual and personalized nature of our services that guarantees our Customers’ success.  There are four major departments in our company ready to serve you and see to all your logistics needs!

Commercial department

This is the first point of contact with the team of Ocean Professional Logistics.  It is here that we establish long-term business relations, get to know our Customers and adjust the communication ways to the special needs of the specific industry.

Our team of experts experienced in the logistics sector receives and analyses the reported demand, and appoints a staff member in charge of the specific special area.  Such a thorough process of serving our Customers guarantees access to extensive knowledge, professional advice, reliable and timely order completion, and in consequence full satisfaction of our business partners. 

We offer consultancy and support to our Customers throughout the logistics procedure, presenting the most optimised solutions.

Not sure where to start? Begin with contacting our commercial department!

Department of import and export operations

This department manages the logistics processes in the context of international transport.

Our team of qualified professionals sees to the service of every single order, taking care of the logistics processes, monitoring the flow of goods, quality control, timely delivery, and full compliance with the law.  The operations department guarantees swiftness and reliability of each transport operation carried out internationally.

We offer comprehensive organization of import and export operations, taking into account safety of the cargo and compliance with international regulations.

Customs Agency

Ocean Professional Logistics runs a professional team of Customs Agents who are responsible for comprehensive customs and fiscal service during export and import operations.

The priority of the Customs Agency is to supervise the correctness of the customs and fiscal aspects of our Customers’ orders so as to minimize the risk of error in the procedures, complex as they are.  This is because diligence in the above aspects translates to swiftness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the performed transport operations.

To ensure it, the Customs Agents of Ocean Professional Logistics regularly raise their qualifications and update their knowledge in the area of customs law, import and export procedures, as well as international agreements and regulations.

Our team remains in on-going contact with the customs authorities, the suppliers, and other entities involved in the transport process, ensuring swift and effective service.

We can help you prepare and submit the necessary customs documentation, monitor the customs clearance process, ensure compliance with the law, and solve any potential problems or issues in dispute.

Transport department

This department ensures swift, reliable, and safe flow of cargo, using state-of-the-art means of transport and optimal routes.

Experts of our transport department analyse the available transport channels and tools, and select the best solutions for our Customers, irrespective of the freight type.  Our team continually expands the network of tested delivery service providers, negotiating the contracts and taking care to ensure top quality of the accepted orders.

We will help you in comprehensive organization of your transport, selecting the appropriate route and carrier, negotiating the terms and conditions, and supervising individual stages of the transport process, thus ensuring regular communication with the Customer.

Cooperation between all departments builds the immense logistic potential of Ocean Professional Logistics.  At the same time, clear allocation of tasks translates to solutions tailored to individual needs of our partners and guarantees top quality customer service!

Why us?

The choice of the logistics operator can help you develop your enterprise, build strong competitive advantage, and expand, but can also lead to grave financial losses and legal problems!

That is why the decision to launch cooperation must not be left to chance.

More than ten years of experience have made it possible for Ocean Professional Logistics to identify and effectively implement three components which build the success of our Customers:

1. Experience

Our continuous presence in the logistics market since 2010 is the best proof of effectiveness and reliability of the services we provide. The knowledge built over time translates to swiftness of our actions, irrespective of the complexity of the task at hand. Hence, Ocean Professional Logistics is a symbol of professionalism and competence.

2. Scaling

The developed action strategies pass the test in any environment, irrespective of the freight category or destination of delivery. We transport goods by sea and air, on railways and roads, and the network of partners we have built adjusts the working mechanism to the specificity of the location and the means of transport. Thanks to it you gain certainty that the investment you have made will guarantee top quality of the logistics solutions.

3. Commitment

Ocean Professional Logistics stands out in terms of its high ambitions and work methods. The success of our Customers is a priority in our efforts, and meticulous care for details eliminates potential mistakes already in the stage of freight organization. This is our way of ensuring timeliness and securing your reputation.

Why join the OPL team?

If you are ambitious, strive to constantly raise your qualifications, and want to develop in an international environment, we are most welcome to join us!

The cornerstone of Ocean Professional Logistics are people, and you have a chance to become a part of the highly dynamic TSL sector even today!  Meet true experts who will offer you full support at every stage of your career.

Are you inexperienced?

At Ocean Professional Logistics we value motivation for action and commitment.  We will equip you with a set of necessary tools, and most of all with the necessary knowledge!

With us, you will learn to carry out global logistics operations, gain skills in the area of effective sales, communication, negotiation, and customs procedures.

You will build long-lasting relationships with representatives of local companies and robust corporations, and the list of you customers will continue to grow.

Start right now, send your application, and enter the world of modern logistics of Ocean Professional Logistics!