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Ocean Professional Logistics sp. z o.o. combines the experience in the logistics sector built since 2010 with qualified specialists and great passion and ambition.


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The Mission and the Vision are key elements of informed and modern professional communities.

Clearly defined Vision of our company has carried an immense impact on the quality and complexity of the services we offer.  The Mission, on the other hand, is our fundamental signpost thanks to which we see to the highest standards of customer service, develop the potential of our work, build long-term relationships, and achieve what is most important: full satisfaction of our Customers.

Our Mission focuses on viable logistics solutions which add efficiency to the operations of our partners, winning them the top positions in their business.  Thanks to our focus on innovative and professional character of delivery chain management we have become the priority choice to both our regular, and new contracting partners.  Nevertheless, it is our pursuit of excellence which drives our Vision!

The Vision allows us to set ever new limits to our ambitions, thus consolidating our position of a reliable logistics operator in the global market.  We perfectly understand the specificity of the TSL sector which requires constant learning.  Thanks to our Vision we adapt to ever changing needs of our Customers and perform above their expectations!  In this way we create lasting bonds built on trust and mutual success!

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Why us?

The choice of the logistics partner can help you to develop your enterprise, build strong competitive advantage and expand, but can also lead to grave financial losses and legal problems!

That is why the decision to launch cooperation must not be left to chance.  More than ten years of experience have made it possible for Ocean Professional Logistics to identify and effectively implement three components which build the success of our Customers:


Our continuous presence in the logistics market since 2010 is the best proof of effectiveness and reliability of the services we provide. The knowledge built over time translates to swiftness of our actions, irrespective of the complexity of the task at hand. Hence, Ocean Professional Logistics is a symbol of professionalism and competence.


The developed action strategies pass the test in any environment, irrespective of the freight category or destination of delivery. We transport goods by sea and air, on railways and roads, and the network of partners we have built adjusts the working mechanism to the specificity of the location and the means of transport. Thanks to it you gain certainty that the investment you have made will guarantee top quality of the logistics solutions.


Ocean Professional Logistics stands out in terms of its high ambitions and work methods. The success of our Customers is a priority in our efforts, and meticulous care for details eliminates potential mistakes already in the stage of freight organization. This is our way of ensuring timeliness and securing your reputation.

Set out on your adventure with us!

If you are ambitious, strive to constantly raise your qualifications, and want to develop in an international environment, you are most welcome to join us!


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